Ray Arata

Leading From The Heart: 

Advancing Inclusion, Equality & The Bottom Line


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Ray is an award-winning and devoted ally and extraordinary role model for other men, bringing a deep understanding of human needs, knowledge of behavioral change, and a huge vision for inclusionary leadership and organizations. Ray walks his talk, knows his stuff and speaks from his big heart — an inspiring keynote speaker that motivates new commitment to real change.
— Amy Logan, President, US National Committee for UN Women San Francisco Bay Area; CEO, Gender Innovation


  • Inspire executive management to lead from the heart and/or engage male allies.
  • Develop more productive and successful internal team relationships and communication.
  • Connect with and serve their market(s) with more appropriate offerings.
  • Tap into and make full use of talent they may not be aware of on their existing staff.
  • Improve employee retention and attract high level talent.

Companies are experiencing increased pressure to create gender-balanced leadership teams and cultures of inclusion. However, in many cases, current leadership teams, boardrooms, and the overall organizational cultures do not reflect gender equality. Instead, there is an inherent gender inequality throughout most organizations from the top to the bottom.

Imagine that you could successfully leverage and maximize the value of different viewpoints of the men and women on your team towards mutual and organizational success.  In this presentation, you'll learn how leading from the heart makes gender partnership possible and is a win/win for men, women and their organizations.  

Previous speaking engagements include:

Previous speaking engagements include
Previous speaking engagements include: 

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