Gender Diversity Consulting Expertise

Ray Arata helps great organizations grow profit through heart centered inclusionary leadership advancing both inclusion and equality by leveraging the differences between men and women through gender partnership.

Ray Arata, Keynote Speaker for 2018 Culture Summit SF

Leadership Coaching

As a business coach, consultant, trainer & workshop facilitator to professionals, including male senior executives & senior leaders, Ray helps develop the emotional literacy and personal development skills key in supporting his clients' success, leadership growth and gender inclusion efforts which lead to people, teams and organizations in functioning more effectively.


Workshop Facilitation

Men are often not comfortable participating in diversity events because they are unsure of their role or concerned of saying something wrong. Ray focuses on the engagement of men and the unique male perspective in inclusion and hierarchy. 

  • Gender Partnership Modeling and Core values workshops
  • 9 years of business, leadership and personal coaching combined support client financial success
  • 17 years of group facilitation


Ray Brings an Authenticity That is Appreciated in the Corporate Arena 
HeForShe Male Champion Of Change, 2016 awarded by UN Women of San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Activating Male Allies

An expert in engaging men in the conversation around gender partnership. Facilitating conversations that lead to insights and wisdom to support companies in their efforts to develop allies, specifically focusing on bringing in men.

Engaging men in the conversation of inclusionary leadership for women and minorities. 

Engaging men in retention and advancement of women in the workplace

  • Understand healthy masculinity traits for inclusive leadership

  • Gain language and context to engage in discussions

  • Leverage power and position to elevate women and minorities


To learn more about inclusionary leadership consulting or executive coaching with Ray, schedule a 15 minute call.